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Step back to a simpler time! Gene Speck’s original oils capture the lives of the the Early America West, mid-west farms, and the Pacific Seascapes. His ability to exemplify the time, relevance, and accuracy is uncanny and have been classics for almost 50 years.

All images are copyrighted © by the Loran Speck Trust & Gene Speck Reproduction of any image is strictly forbidden without written consent.





  • "Winter's Warmth" 11X14 "Winter's Warmth" 11X14
  • "Well Rested" 16X20 "Well Rested" 16X20
  • "Translucent Wave" 11X14 "Translucent Wave" 11X14
  • "Snow's Sanctuary" 11X14 "Snow's Sanctuary" 11X14
  • "Seaside Slide" 20X16 "Seaside Slide" 20X16
  • "Rockies Retreat" 20X16 "Rockies Retreat" 20X16
  • "Private Bay" 16X20 "Private Bay" 16X20
  • "Pheasant's Flush" 11X14 "Pheasant's Flush" 11X14
  • "Peaks Meadow" 11X14 "Peaks Meadow" 11X14
  • "Nights Fire" 9X12 "Nights Fire" 9X12
  • "Mountain's Shadow" 16X20 "Mountain's Shadow" 16X20
  • "Moon Struck" 11X14 "Moon Struck" 11X14
  • "Heavens Ribbon" 11X14 "Heavens Ribbon" 11X14
  • "Full Harvest" 16X20 "Full Harvest" 16X20
  • "Deserts Edge Saloon" 11X14 "Deserts Edge Saloon" 11X14
  • "Blossom's Glow" 9X12 "Blossom's Glow" 9X12
  • "Along a Mountains Stream" 16X20 "Along a Mountains Stream" 16X20
  • "The Old Road House" 11X14 "The Old Road House" 11X14
  • "Evening Colors" 9X12 "Evening Colors" 9X12
  • "Dusky Rose" 11X14 "Dusky Rose" 11X14

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Spectacular photo realistic originals by Gene Speck.
Own one of these timeless classics custom framed with gilded gold to add elegance and class to your home.
All images are reduced in clarity and do not reflect the actual image quality for web display.